In today's trade, it is practically impossible to imagine goods without their packaging. Considered by many or without importance, packaging is an indispensable product for commercial transactions because the role and functions it fulfills. In countries with a tradition in the field of packaging, this is considered an integral part of the high quality product.

Industrial packaging

Quality packaging with attractive graphics and durable materials are an integral part of the offer current agri-food. The diversification of goods, the existence of an assortment variety and higher and higher quality, have imposed the emergence of an industry for conception and realization packaging, which will meet the need for the circulation of goods, at an industrial level.

Paper packaging

Our products are made from pure cellulose. Wherever you use them the environment is protected. We have among the best quality standards, we offer effective personalization solutions.
It is important for us to do everything right and to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Anyway we work, our values guide our behavior every day.

Why us?

Our company wants to introduce on the market the newest disposable food packaging both for the industrial field and for small companies or ordinary people. We offer you a range variety of products in different colors and models, customized standard or to order. For us it is important to satisfy the needs of our customers as best as possible by offering them complete packaging solutions of the best quality at favorable prices. From an economic point of view, product packaging is seen as a finished product because they have invested in it material and human expenses for obtaining it. SC ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL wants and pursues, through the use by the collaborators of the packaging they offer, so that these products can present, on the store shelves, a high-quality, special image, at the best prices.