Romdist packaging

Romdist Packaging started its commercial activity in 2000 as an authorized distributor for disposable packaging. Having a team of professionals, the company expanded every year, and from the beginning of 2016, it started producing its own range of disposable packaging. With 20.000 square meter total where 9000 m2 closed area for production and warehouse purposes, the company aims to respond to all market requirements, with professionalism, always offering the best products and services.
In today's trade, it is practically impossible to imagine goods without their packaging. Often considered unimportant, packaging is an indispensable product for commercial transactions due to the role and functions it fulfills. In countries with a tradition in the field of packaging, it is considered to be an integral part of the high-quality product.

Packaging is used for products from: meat, fish, milk, eggs, ice cream, fruits, vegetables, sweets, pastries, drinks, but also fast food, catering. The packaging of these products can be viewed and analyzed from two points of view: technical and economic. From a technical point of view, product packaging is a set of materials intended to protect the quality and integrity of the product, intended to facilitate all the operations that follow in the economic circuit after packaging the products.
From an economic point of view, the packaging of the products is regarded as a finished product because material and human expenses have been invested in it to obtain it. SC ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL wants and pursues, through the use by its collaborators of the packaging it offers, that these products can present, on the store shelves, a high-quality, special image, at the best prices.