Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions generous provided below will apply all supply of goods and services by ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL ("romdist.ro") via this site www.romdist.ro to the Visitor and can be modified at any time by ROMDIST PACKAGING without notice prior .

Thus , the following terms will means :
Visitor - person physical / legal or other entity legally what the visit the site www.romdist.ro.
Supplier - the company commercial ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL, having registered office in Ilfov, Str. Sinaia No. 3, Stefanestii de Jos, 077175, no. of registration at the Registry Trade : J23/896/2010, CIF RO 13575701. Goods and Services - anything product or service , including documents and services mentioned in this site, which will be provided by the Supplier , to the Visitor .


The Provider their will use his professional knowledge and technically to provide The goods and The services they provide requirements , needs and the specifications To the visitor ;

b. information presented on the Seller 's websites , have character informative and can be modified by him , without a notification prior . Also , for reasons related to space and coherence STRUCTURE information , descriptions products and / or services may be incomplete , however the supplier makes efforts to present relevant information , forthe product / service to be used in parameters for what it was purchased;

c. Communication with the site - can be done through the interaction with it , the post product opinions or communication through addresses mentioned in the "contact\" section . They will be excluded from your site ignored , opinions or appeals what the contain strong language or a language inappropriate . The supplier has the freedom to manage information received without having to to bring justification for this .

d. romdist.ro and book the right to ask users introductions manual of captcha type validation codes , in view protection information from the website .


The Provider may be assign and / or subcontract a third party part for services what about the honor the offer , with the information To the visitor , not being necessary agreement this one . provider it always will be responsible for the Visitor for all the obligations contractual .


Information of any kind provided by the Visitor To the supplier , they will remains in the property to the supplier . They can be used only for the purpose declared of this site and for execution of the contract / Orders . These information can be made known only with consent written by the Visitor .

No public declaration , promotion , press release or any other way of disclosure


SC ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL& nbsp ; ("romdist.ro") is registered in the Register of personal data processing records under the number : 31328.

According to the requirements Law no. 677/2001 for protection persons regarding the processing _ personal data and the free circulation of these data , amended and completed , romdist.ro has the obligation to administer in safe conditions and no more for purposes specified , the dates personal data that you provide us about you .
Purpose collection dATES is : information users / clients ( Visitors ) regarding the situation information provided on romdist.ro, the information users / customers looking evolution and mood products / services , evaluation products and services offered , activities commercial , product promotion _ and services , marketing, advertising , media , administrative, development , market research , statistics , tracking and monitoring of visitors and Behavior to the consumer .
Prin filling out dATES you _ in the contact form you declare that you accept unconditional as data you _ staff to be included in the romdist.ro database , registered in the processing record register personal data under number 31328 , and will give agreement express and unequivocal like all these personal data to be stored , used and processed  ; by romdist. ro ,& nbsp ; for conduct and / or the performance by romdist.ro of activities such as , but without being limited to, activities commercial , product promotion _ and services , marketing, advertising , media , administrative, development , market research , statistics , tracking and sales monitoring _ and Behavior the consumer .
Prin reading these Deadlines and Conditions you taken note of the fact that they are guaranteed to you rights provided by law , respectively the right to information , the right to access data, the right to intervene , the right to oppose , the right not to be subjected of a decisions individuals , the right to address justice in case of violation of his rights guaranteed by Law 677/2001 for protection persons regarding the processing personal data and free circulation of these data . _ At the same time , you have the right to oppose processing dATES you _ staff and to request ERASE total or their partial .
On the basis of a applications written , dated and signed , sent to the address ROMDIS PACKAGING SRL, Str. Sinaia No. 3,  Stefanestii de Jos, 077175, Ilfov County , va you can exercise , for free , the following rights :
- once a year, to be confirmed the fact that the data personal data are processed or not ;
- sa interval on dATES transmitted ;
- yes will oppose processing dATES for valid reasons and legitimate related to their particular situation
- sa ask ERASE data , with the exception STATEMENTS provided by law .

Anything visitor who explicitly provided the address his email on the romdist.ro website can choose for ERASE this one from the base our data .< br > The information you provide us will be used for the purpose for which you have them provided , to administer , to support and evaluate _ services our and to anticipate BREACH security , the law and the terms our contractual .
romdist.ro can provide data your personal information to others companies with which it is in partnership relations , but only on the basis a confidentiality commitment from _ _ to them , guaranteeing that these data are kept safe _ and as the supply these information personal data is made according to the legislation in force , as follows : service providers of marketing services , Courier , payment / banking services , telemarketing or other services , other companies we can develop programmer common offering on the market of the products and services our insurers .


The information your personal information can be provided and to the Prosecutor's Office , the Police , the Courts court and other bodies ability of the state , basically and within limits provisions link and as a result of some applications express formulated.

- access shared to databases or _ other confidential information ;
- Appearance the captcha code after a number of attempts failed authentication ;
- data protection system _ clients ;
- access levels for users same shop ( each receive just the access it needs for fulfilling functions );
- various types of logs ( access , connection system , errors , various operations executed by each user);
- the computers from which they are accessed data or other confidential information is password protected and have implemented antivirus, antispam and firewall protection solutions with all the latest updates;
- monitoring the permanence of the actions that can cause security issues _ and restricting the immediacy of the accounts from which it is carried out such activities ;
- making back - ups weekly and their secure storage ;
- the use of servers performing and the use of firewalls for protection against access unauthorized ;


Neither one of the parties will not be responsible for failure of its contractual obligations , if such non - execution It is CAUSED a force majeure event . The force majeure is the event unpredictable , out of control parts and which can not be avoided .


This contract is subject laws Romanians . any disputes ARISING between romdist.ro (ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL) and users / customers / visitors will solve on the way amiable or , if this will not be possible , litigation _ will be resolved by the courts court authorities from the territory of Romania .


By usage this site, you accept terms and Conditions provided in this document.


We are happy to will supply information further or to will we answer anything kind of questions . will Please contact us at :
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or write to us at the address :
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